International Scarecrow Festival 2017

Unique in the Netherlands | October 14 – October 22

The festival:
The idea of the festival is so simple, the effect so huge. Just like the scarecrow itself. The essence of the festival is to have participants build 100 scarecrows and to enjoy the surrounding programme with music and theatre. This simple idea astonishes the visitors every time when culture, art and the relaxed way of life in the south of the Netherlands come together.


Everyone who is creative, is given the opportunity to build a scarecrow in Valkenswaard on Saturday October 14 2017.
Environmentalists, birdlovers, architects, designers, builders, artists, farmers, men and women from the Netherlands and abroad who want to contribute to this festival are very welcome to participate.
The organisation hopes to present 100 different creations on the exhibition held from October 14 to October 22.
The makers are given sixteen square meters with a wooden stake in the middle (length 2 meters) on which they can attach or build their scarecrow. The maker takes care of the material the scarecrow will be made of, in order to guarantee a variety of scarecrows.
Costs of participation are 20 euro. This includes: coffee and soft drinks during the building up, a wooden stake and a nametag mentioning the name of the scarecrow and the name and profession of the maker.
If you want to participate in this festival you have to fill in our subscription form and make sure we receive the participation costs stated below. After reception of the participation costs (20 euro) on account 15 29 85 506 (Rabobank, The Netherlands) to the attention of Stichting Vogelverschrikker Festival Valkenswaard, you’ll be inscribed as a participant. Want to subscribe? Go to the subscription form.